OGC Student APP Challenge

Who May Submit

The OGC Map App challenge is open to any university student at the undergraduate or graduate level who is enrolled part or full time as of July 15, 2013. Submissions to the challenge are by individual only. Submitters must be 18 years or older at the time of submission.

Competition Submission Period

Contestants must register to enter the contest. To register, please send an email to appchallenge@opengeospatial.org with the following information on or before June 15th, 2013:

  • Name
  • Country
  • Institution
  • Your degree program (e.g., BSc in geography/computer science, MSc in disaster managment, etc.)
  • A very short description of the APP you plan to work on

After registration, contestants must complete and send the submission form to appchallenge@opengeospatial.org on or before July 15th, 2013. Submissions will be published on http://appchallenge.opengeospatial.org as they are received throughout the competition submission period. OGC is not responsible for transmission failures, technical difficulties and/or failures to receive some or all of a Submission.

Required Datasets and Standards

Submissions must use at least one data source from one OGC Web Service standard. These can be data sources that are currently available through services that implement OGC standards or they can be data sources that you make available through services you have created by implementing OGC standards.

Favorable consideration will be given to applications demonstrating “innovation-in-assembly” and the value of geospatial interoperability, e.g., mash-up data from multiple OGC data sources to create a creative application.

The following search tools can be used to find existing OGC service instances:

  • http://inspire-geoportal.ec.europa.eu/discovery/ (search for services or layers)
  • http://dev.geocens.ca/data_searches
  • http://geodiscover.cgdi.ca/web/guest/browse-catalog
  • http://www.geoportal.org/web/guest/geo_home
  • http://www.geoportal.de
  • http://www.mapmatters.org

Other sources are also encouraged!

Intellectual Property Rights

All Apps submitted to the OGC Student App Challenge remain the intellectual property of the individuals or organizations that developed them, though OGC will retain the exclusive right to use and distribute all applications to the public free of charge for one year after the announcement of winners.

Judges and Winner Selection

A qualified panel of OGC member representatives from OGC’s academic, business and government community will judge the submissions. Panel members will have no organizational connection to the submitters. The panel will judge submissions on the criteria identified in the “About the OGC Student Map App Challenge” and “What to submit” sections. The Judging panel will finalize its review by August 15th, 2013.

Winners and Recognition

Winners will be notified on August 30, 2013, and the first place award will be presented at an OGC Technical Committee meeting of winner’s choice, within 12 months of the first meeting after award is announced. Winners will be announced on September 9, 2013.


Except where prohibited, participation in the Competition constitutes winners' consent to OGC's use of winner's name, likeness, photograph, voice, and opinions for promotional purposes in any media, worldwide, without further payment or consideration.


Contestant warrants that he or she is/are the sole author and owner of the Submission, and that the Submission completely originates with the Contestant (or is an improved version of an existing application that the submitter has sufficient rights to use – including the substantial improvement of existing open-source apps), that it does not infringe upon any copyright or any other rights of any third party of which Contestant(s) is aware, and is free of malware.


The Contestant/Submitter shall be liable for, and shall indemnify and hold harmless the Open Geospatial Consortium against, all actions, suits, claims and/or causes of action for damages, infringement, or loss of or damage to property, (including any damage that may result from a virus, malware, etc. to Open Geospatial Consortium computer systems or those of the end-users of the software and/or applications), resulting from the fault, negligence, or wrongful act or omission of the Contestant/ Submitter.